What is your favorite part of the new gym? 

  • “We love our CCA!!! It’s really a great place for girls! They learn more than just tumbling skills and cheer!! They learn teamwork, commitment, and they have excellent role models to look up to!” -Renee Cashio

  • “These girls made more memories than I could have ever done without this team and that right there is worth every penny. You see it’s not just the competitions. It’s practice. It’s seeing your friend learn a new skill. It’s birthday parties and play dates. It’s dinner and dancing. These girls love being together and look forward to the weeks that we see each other more than once. Its a team. It’s love. It’s family.”-Amanda Lipinski

  • “Community support! The CCA gym provided space for the CHS team to practice for nationals !! Looking forward to the future of both these programs !”
    -Sharon Ball (CHS Cheer Varsity Sponsor)
  • “The viewing room is nice. The overall size and quality of the new location is a big upgrade. The most special thing about CCA is the people though. Mindy Marshall CallenderAutumn Rounds, and Kristin Perrin have done an amazing job with this program. Now, Stew and Laura just add two more wonderful people. From the pre-competition prayer to the post competition celebration, it is really special. My daughter tried dance and gymnastics at other companies prior to trying cheer at CCA. She did not care for either. We have finally found something she truly enjoys. We are thrilled to be a part of the CCA family.” -Jacob Smith
  • “The parents room!!!” -Kelly Allen
  • “Not only the parents room its big the girls have room to practice and when u walk in you are family!!!” -Christy Holifield
  • “I agree, love the parents room! Bailey loves the gym itself!” -Jessica Logsdon
  • “Yes love the atmosphere of CCA! The new coaches seemed to fit right on in!! Viewing room is great and so is the size of the new gym!!! Happy to be apart of such a great program!!! Great coaches!!!” -Brittney Heine